The Records Solutions Team

Consultancy Team

Nancy Taia MRIM

Nancy Taia is a seasoned professional and the owner of Records Solutions, a reputable information management consultancy company. With over 30 years of experience in the records and information management (R&IM) industry, Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients.

Throughout her career, Nancy has worked as a practitioner in various sectors, including local and state government agencies as well as private entities. Her diverse experience has given her a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges faced by organisations of all sizes when it comes to managing their records and information effectively. Nancy firmly believes in the importance of establishing strong foundational information management practices in every organisation, regardless of its size. She sees R&IM as the cornerstone that enables organisations to function smoothly and make informed decisions.

Driven by her passion for problem-solving, Nancy enjoys tackling complex puzzles and helping others navigate the intricacies of records and information management. She finds fulfillment in leveraging her expertise to assist clients in optimising their information management processes and overcoming challenges.

Over the years, Nancy has honed her skills by actively participating in and overseeing various tasks involved in R&IM. Her hands-on approach has not only deepened her understanding of the field but also equipped her with practical insights that she applies to deliver value to her clients. For Nancy, her journey into the R&IM industry may have been accidental, but her decision to stay has been deliberate. She attributes her enduring love for her work to the sense of purpose she finds in helping organisations solve puzzles and achieve their information management goals.

With her extensive experience, dedication, and passion for the field, she continues to make significant contributions to the R&IM industry as a sitting member of the RIMPA Global Board of Directors, playing a crucial part in shaping the strategic direction and initiatives of RIMPA Global and the industry on a global scale.

Keith Davis ARIM

Keith Davis is a part time Information Management Consultant with Records Solutions. He has worked in the records and information management industry for 30+ years and is a highly sought-after professional in State and Local Government authorities as well as private enterprise. Keith has extensive experience in the records and information management industry, working predominantly in state and local government, government owned corporations (GOC’s) as well as the private sector. Keith also has valuable experience in the commercial services arena of contract administration.

Keith’s experience within the recordkeeping industry includes, strategic planning, policy/procedure development, system reviews, mail management, archiving, development of retention and disposal schedules, and implementation of eDRMS for both state government and GOC’s.

Keith has strategically and operationally led records and information management sections throughout his career. In his previous role as Records Solutions CEO/Owner, he managed the Company and continued to provide consultancy services to a high level, including the implementation of an eDRMS and archival management framework and the development of core business retention and disposal schedules across multiple agencies.

Keith is a professional member of the Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance  (RIMPA Global), holding status of Associate member.

Information Management Staff

Records Solutions have access to a team of Information Management professionals who are available for organisational placements and have long term partnerships with information management and conservation professionals.

Working with Records Solutions

Records Solutions have locations situated in most states of Australia. If you are interested in working with a well respected records and information management team, send your resume to us via