With a long history of physical records, there are generally large quantities of controlled and uncontrolled physical holdings within any organisation. In order to save your organisation time and money, and ensure legislative and regulatory requirements are being met, Records Solutions can provide both long and short term archival solutions.

We can provide ad-hoc services which include managing a backlog of records, a yearly archiving project or even smaller projects at various times throughout the year.

Standard services include:

Depending on your needs, we can provide one archivist or a team of specialists. Records Solutions archival staff are equipped with knowledge of general and specific disposal schedules across Australia.

The added value of utilising our archival team to manage your historical and legacy records means your daily records operations will not be interrupted. We ensure all storage holdings are analysed and this includes basements, sheds and containers. At the end of an archival project, you will be provided with an up to date and easy to use archival register which is compliant with legislative requirements. Our expertise in archival requirements for all sectors is second to none.

In addition to our archival projects, our skilled consulting team can assist with the evaluation and negotiations with secondary storage providers, development of archival programs and development of vital records programs to ensure the safe storage of high risk/high value organisational records.