People Placements

Experienced professional staff can at times be difficult to find. With our history and representation within the records and information management industry, Records Solutions can provide staffing solutions to fill short or long term requirements. These requirements could include one day a week for a year or a team of staff for a specific project. By using Records Solutions we will undertake the advertising, short listing, interviewing and the selection of personnel. This not only saves you time and money but ensure a qualified staff are always provided.

We have provided a number of placements to all industry sectors across Australia. We ensure staff placements are appropriately qualified not only in their records and information management experience but their fit within the organisation.

We can provide staff at all levels within an information management team which could include: Coordinators, Managers, Project Officers, Trainers and Archivists. Our staff placements receive ongoing training and development and are regularly evaluated by management to ensure the expectations of our clients are being met.

Records Solutions offers cost effective and competitive prices and as an organisation you will benefit from us managing the ongoing development of the staff placement.