Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing has become popular with organisations that wish to concentrate on their core business, while Records Solutions provides the service of managing your records and information. As an experienced provider within the industry our versatility and adaptability make us the obvious choice.
The Records Solutions team is not only experienced but is versatile, adaptable and has extensive local networks and contacts within the industry. This intricate knowledge of the industry, ensures that client and organisation are provided with the latest information and strategic direction. We pride ourselves on providing highly skilled records management staff to undertake a wide range of activities, some include:
  • Project planning, implementation and management
  • Mail management services
  • Document management services
  • File management services
  • Secondary records and archival management
  • Retention and disposal scheduling
  • Boxing and cataloguing services
  • Freedom of Information or Right to Information services
  • Courier and distribution services
As an outsourcing client you will retain control, however daily records management tasks will be managed by experts, ensuring legislative, regulatory and quality requirements are being met and a highly efficient service is provided to your employees.
Our receive ongoing training and development to ensure the service is to a high standard.