With today’s government and private organisations being faced with ever-increasing legislative and quality requirements to generate, capture and maintain records of a high standard, effective records and information management practices have become a crucial element to their overall operations.

Records Solutions provide high-quality and experienced records and information management consultants and staff to public and private organisations. As a preferred service provider within the records and information management industry, our highly trained and flexible staff uphold our reputation for quality while building a bridge to new technology that will be important for the future stability and growth of our clients.

We specialise in providing qualified and experienced consultants for all industry sectors. Our consultants are able to provide professional advice on all aspects of records and information management, some include:

  • eDRMS selection, design, implementation and review
  • Content Management system selection, design, implementation and review
  • Change Management facilitation
  • Records Management Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Policy and procedure design
  • Design and review of records management control mechanisms
  • Development of secondary, archival and vital records programs
  • Staff training, development and skill evaluation

The exceptional capabilities of our consultancy team extend from over 60 years of industry experience and provide all facets of records and information management services. We are highly regarded professionals who participate extensively in the specialised data, records, and information management arena.

Support Packages

Our Support Packages are designed to assist clients in accessing ad-hoc or occasional professional consulting guidance and advice on matters relating to records and information management.

Packages do not take the place of long-term specialised consulting or project management services, but:

  • Provide effective ongoing support to clients that have previously engaged our services
  • Can be particularly helpful in the six to 12 months post a major implementation or subsequent to a review which resulted in significant recommendations with which the client needs further ad-hoc assistance
  • Can help organisations that have embarked on a project to work through current thoughts or preferred directions, or seek advice on potential risks
  • Assist clients who have the occasional need for professional records and information management consulting advice