We operate under a Quality Management System and all our projects adhere to the best practice standards as outlined in ISO 15489. Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving the best possible outcome whilst meeting compliance and quality requirements.

As a well known service provider within the records and information management industry, Records Solutions are a software neutral vendor, we ensure when working with you our main objective is to determine what is best for you without any external influence. Use the below links to find out more on our individual services and how we can help you.


With a long history of physical records, there are generally large quantities of controlled and uncontrolled physical holdings within any organisation. In order to save your organisation time and money, and ensure legislative and regulatory requirements are being met, Records Solutions can provide both long and short term archival solutions.


Outsourcing has become popular with organisations that wish to concentrate on their core business, while Records Solutions provides the service of managing your records and information. As an experienced provider within the industry our versatility and adaptability make us the obvious choice.


As a former Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Records Solutions are acutely aware of the needs to constantly update and improve on the skills of staff within all levels of the Records and Information Management industry.

Audit and Compliance

Compliance is one of the key foundations for an organisation. Without compliance it can be said to be without efficiencies. With the number of Acts, Regulations and Standards available to organisation and the continual changes promulgated, it can be difficult for organisations to feel confident with their level of compliance.

Paper Conservation

The management of physical records requires an understanding of the preservation requirements, particularly in the case of significant, historical, permanent, high-risk or high-value records. Records Solutions offers the service of providing advice, support and preventative programs to ensure these records are managed appropriately for their entire lifecycle.


With today’s government and private organisations being faced with ever-increasing legislative and quality requirements to generate, capture and maintain records of a high standard, effective records and document practices have become a crucial element to their overall operations.

People Placements

Experienced professional staff can at times be difficult to find. With our history and representation within the records and information management industry, Records Solutions can provide staffing solutions to fill short or long term requirements.