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With today’s government and private organisations being faced with ever increasing legislative and quality requirements to generate, capture and maintain records of a high standard, effective records and document management practices have become a crucial element of their overall operations.

It is our experience that organisations are able to gain great value out of their records and information if appropriate management techniques are correctly applied. With this in mind, our focus is not only on ensuring organisations acknowledge and appreciate the need for effective use and management of information, but also on recognising that the information and records in their possession, should be regarded as one of their most highly valued assets.

Records Solutions consulting team possess many decades of experience in the records and document management industry and are highly regarded professionals who participate extensively in the specialised records and document management arena. Our consultants work in partnership with our clients to ensure the most efficient and effective outcome, basing our methodologies on the Records Management International Standard ISO 15489, DIRKS and DIRS.

Our consultants are able to provide professional advice on all aspects of records management including the following:

Review and Development of Records Management Documentation

Records Solutions are able to supply you with tools that will allow your organisation to provide a service to your client that is second to none. This documentation includes:

  • Thesauri
  • Business Classification Schemes
  • Retention & Disposal Schedules (refer Case Study)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Business Rules

Business Analysis

Ensuing that your business processes are effective & efficient greatly assists in removing any obstacles that may hinder your organisations ability to meet its corporate objectives. Records Solutions can assist your organisation by providing:

  • Records and Document Management Reviews (refer Case Study)
  • RM/EDMS Strategy and Implementation Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Gap Analysis Reports
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Analysis and reporting on Regulatory Requirements
  • Position Classification
  • Staff Development and Skill Evaluation
  • Secondary and Vital Record Programs

Project Management

Having the tools and resources to undertake a project is one thing, but having the knowledge and experience in relation to when, where and how to deploy, coordinate and manage those tools and resources can mean the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one.

Records Solutions are highly experienced in managing all types of records management related projects including:

  • Electronic records and document management Implementations
  • Archival Projects
  • Organisational or Departmental Mergers (records/information management)

EDMS/ERMS Implementation

Implementing an electronic records and/or document management system has its own set of challenges and opportunities. From developing the vision, through the selection and implementation of a system, to completing a post implementation review, there are a myriad of individual actions and tasks that, depending on the system, should be undertaken in a prescribed sequence.

Anyone who has implemented a new system will be well aware of the detail required in developing an accurate and successful project implementation plan. Network infrastructure, PC and server specifications and configurations, databases, application configuration, system documentation and training manuals, security, communication plans, management support, change management programs, data migration, classification scheme development, and desktop and key user training are just some of the issues that need to be considered.

At Records Solutions our highly experienced staff can assist with, provide advice on or project manage your implementation to ensure a successful outcome (refer Case Study). This may include but not be limited to:

  • Business Case Development
  • Specification Development
  • Tender Evaluation and system selection
  • Implementation Strategies
  • System Configuration
  • Change and Expectation Management
  • Post Implementation Reviews

Click on this link to download a free copy of our Guideline on Implementing an Electronic Document & Records Management System (eDRMS).

Staff Papers & Presentations

Our specialised staff have published papers and given presentations on many aspects of Records Management. Please click on the links below to open a topic:

Case Studies

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