Introduction to Records Management

Course Objective

To provide participants with knowledge of, and experience in fundamental Recordkeeping concepts.
Through an interactive workshop, participants will gain an understanding of records and
Recordkeeping fundamentals.

Course Outcome

  • Acquire knowledge of the role of Records Management within an organisation
  • Receive an understanding of common language used in the records management industry
  • Understand the value of records and why an effective Records Management program is essential
  • Understand the principles of records management
  • Develop an understanding of the records life cycle and continuummodels and
  • Gain an understanding of physical file and document management principles

Course Content

  • Why keep records?
  • Why is good Records Management important?
  • Benefits of effective Records Management
  • Defining key terms
  • Managing paper and electronic records
  • Managing the life of the record and
  • Principles


The courses are conducted in a classroom facilitator lead format with interactive questioning and group work. The course is conducted with a minimum of 5 participants.



Who should attend?

People new to the industry who would benefit from training covering records management principles.


$250 per person (plus GST) with all course material supplied.

Price subject to change without notification.
* Records Management 1 and 2 can be conducted as a 1 day programfor $400 per person (plus GST).