eDRMS Implementation

Course Objective

To provide participants with knowledge to implement an EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records
Management System) including identification of project milestones, system configuration
requirements and the implementation strategies.

Course Outcome

  • Participants will gain the knowledge of the steps required to implement an EDRMS User Requirement Specification

Course Content

  • Formation of Project / Steering Group
  • Identification of Project Milestones
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Migration
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Developing a Change Management Strategy
  • Training program
  • Pilot and
  • Roll Out


The course is conducted in a classroom facilitator lead format with interactive questioning and group work activities. Exercise in developing an EDRMS Implementation Strategy with a written test at the close of the session. The course is conducted with a minimum of 5 participants.



Who should attend?

People involved in the process of implementing an EDRMS.


$250 per person (plus GST) with all course material supplied.
Price subject to change without notification.
* Records Management 6 and 7 can be conducted as a 1 day program for $400 per person (plus GST).