2022 Polished Man Campaign

September 28th, 2022 Posted by: admin

Keith Davis, our esteemed leader, is joining the fight to stop violence against women and children by joining the Polished Man Campaign!

Everyone should have the chance to live a happy, healthy and safe life, but the reality right now is that:

1 in 2 children experience violence each year

1 in 3 women have experienced violence in their lifetime

Violence against women and children are major global public health problems and violations of human rights and in the past couple of years, they’ve only gotten worse. By joining this campaign, Keith is participating in the mission to end violence against women and children.

So it’s time to step up, stand up and speak up to make sure no woman or child has to live with abuse, which is why he’ll be painting one nail for the month of October to spark up important conversations and raise funds for the Polished Man campaign.

You too can get involved by making a donation to his fundraising page (https://polishedman.com/keithdavis) or join him by signing up, polishing up and fundraising as well!