Audit & Compliance

Compliance is one of the key foundations for an organisation. Without compliance it can be said to be without efficiencies. With the number of Acts, Regulations and Standards available to organisation and the continual changes promulgated, it can be difficult for organisations to feel confident with their level of compliance.
Our consultants pride themselves on being aware and abreast of all compliance changes within legislation applicable to the records and information management industry.
Having this legislative knowledge, provides our consultants with the ability to conduct a number of audits. The audits are conducted based on the organisations needs and can include:
State Specific Standards Audit (Queensland Information Standards or Victoria Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) Standards)
Australian Standard Audits (ISO 15489 or ISO 16175)
Operational Audits, including processes and procedures
Records and Information Management Maturity Model Audit
Security Audits

These audits detail how your organisation manages records and information, highlights the level of compliance and where improvements can be made. We are aware of the benefits that can be achieved through a compliant Recordkeeping Program and recommend all organisations continually audit their compliance.


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